The blessings of nature are more honest and productive to happiness than the need to conform. On July 1st 2015 I moved into a 1986 Toyota camper and rescued Levi, my best friend and trusty copilot. Here are some stories from living, loving and learning on the road.




Article: Dogs of the Atlantic
Category: Travel
Snippet: I’m just happy the dogs didn’t get me.

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Dogs of the Atlantic

I saw visions of the Atlantic – a sheet of black tin foil, wrinkling and folding – moving in my direction with expansive rhythm.

Sweden surf by John Brodie


Article: Welcome to Sweden
Category: Travel
Snippet: Camilo began to tell stories of the island; the numb Baltic sea brushing up against the shore building walls of ice as tall as a fishing boat. The one-way road wraps around a pond- a cracked mirror to the pine trees above. Herds of drunken moose call this bitter place home. If we were to… View Article

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